When it comes to tech the seed is crucial - it either boosts your business or strangles it


We typically get to know our clients through on-premise, well-defined digitalization projects. These usually seek low hanging fruits within a specific department. Low hanging fruits are a source of short run quick wins. And that looks good.

But, at the same time, they have consistently become a source of long run legacies. And that's significantly bad. When technology is involved tactical solutions can subtly kill strategic ones. They rapidly translate into a major business risk as synergies cannot be exploited. And those are key to share costs and information and unlock new products and working protocols.

From our experience, we understood that this was the case as most tech providers lacked the background required to design ad-hoc software in the intersection between: machine learning, learning-adaptive machines, transparency, regulation, green algorithmics, auditability of algorithmcs, game theory, change resistance management... and a long etc. Hence, our centre of excellence and its multi-awarded deep tech.


Our deep tech is utterly light (green) and allows us onboarding your low hanging fruits directly into a long run compatible platform so that the evolution of the business is not compromised by any means.

By maximally exploiting synergies across all your departments, end-to-end, your long run strategy is not only protected but boosted.

We completely adapt our infrastructure to your legacies so that you can onboard our advances without compromising your data and algorithmic assets. Nevertheless, we are pioneers of federated algorithmics.

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