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Low cost, cutting-edge transformation

What we do

First, we let experts with no coding experience orchestrate all apps in one place. Thus, our technology has become a lean layer for old-school traders moving into algorithmics, data savvy marketing departments, cyber security managers... up to warehouse managers.

And second, leveraging our own platform, we create tactical technology at an unseen pace. With it we help reinforce or remove 3rd party software.

Where we come from

Our culture comes from that of our co-founders. Two postgrad from UCL who, already in their late 20s, were seek by top universities to talk about their professional achievements. Why? Basically, they moved fast from zero to hero applying science within different industry verticals. And that subtly implies a very unique move: going from hero to zero across them. As such, they have built up a rare and sustained track record pioneering through applied science. Pioneering Transformation.

We are their Centre of Excellence to keep moving the Frontier of Knowledge with more freedom.

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