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We are hiring!

If you are a data engineer or data scientist with a clear focus on business and social enhancements, looking for a steady company where to commit for the long run, SciTheWorld is your place.
We are looking for junior to mid candidates.

About you:
You have consistently been a great student ever since high school. You were good at everything even though you enjoyed the scientific subjects the most. You then pursued a tech degree (and, ideally, postgrad) and are now fluent at coding in Python and/or Java, object oriented (ideally, also Scala). You liked Machine Learning and want to keep evolving your skills in the long run along with credible experts. You'd love to do anything, not just A.I.-like stuff (all the range from the data model to the GUI). And that's because you know that a company is about impact, not about doing cool things for the sake of being cool: impact is cool, cool is impact. If impact requires shifting the Frontier of Knowledge at any stage you are not afraid - you have the capacity to follow senior creatives and even propose creative solutions yourself. Nevertheless, as a result of the former characteristics, you are also humble and hard working; team oriented.
Finally, we create A.I.-related IP, protected as industrial secrecy, so you are a more-than-prudent person when it comes to making sure there are no leaks whatsoever.

Madrid. Eventually, would require travelling around the world - mostly, London and NY but at some point, Latam and Asia as well.

About us:
We are obsessed with efficiency and productivity and that has allowed us doing a lot with a very tight team. 2019 is the year where we scale things up and we are growing. We are ambitious so those who join us within the next few years should have major opportunities to develop a successful career at SciTheWorld going forward.
In a nutshell, we leverage:
- Our tech of Algo Trading, probably the most complex of all digital challenges (both at making money and at controlling that the algorithms won't break things), to boost and impact the rest of domains; starting from Cyber Security. Efforts along these two are going to be endless - we'll never feel we've done enough, because the frontier doesn't stop shifting.
- Our approach to A.I., Augmented Machines, to chase ourselves and find new roles for humans in a machine-driven world. The erase of the human component can't possibly be economically optimal for companies nor society.
- Our partner, Oliver Wyman, to expand and exploit our and their ideas, globally. We certainly are a good tandem and there is so much to be done ahead of us.

Dependent on the profiles we receive we'll look for the optimal combination of skills. Hence, if we do not hire you this time that doesn't mean you won't be optimal in the future.

Vitae to
Presentation letters are allowed but shall be short (1/2 page, approx)
Subject: Data Scientist or Data Engineer / Your number of years of experience / Your expected seniority