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We give extreme relevance to the Intellectual Property of our clients and our own Industry Secrecy, hence we can't exhaustively here say what we do. Nevertheless, we can still share:

:: Finance :::::::::::::::::::

  - Training across seniorities: "Healthy Algorithmization: Skills Update Programme"

  - Training across departments: "Trading 2.0: From the Floor to the Cloud" (practice through CAT)

  - Ad-hoc assessments: "Your Paths towards Algorithmization"

  - Prototyping Pack: tools to realistically assess your Algorithmization Paths:

     = Simulated data of bot-bot interaction (the new reality in the markets)

     = Signals-as-a-Service (fom fixings to sales recommendations)

     = Algo-Strategies-as-a-Service for Trading

     = Algo-Strategies-as-a-Service for Risk

     = Central Risk Book-as-a-Service

     = CAT-as-a-Service

  - Advanced sandboxes/ecosystems:

     = Algorithms calibration in Trading

     = Algorithms auditing/stressing for Risk

:: Cybersecurity :::::::::::::::::::

  - Fraud detection and reactive strategies

  - Blue Team strategies

  - Red Team strategies

:: Digital Brains :::::::::::::::::::

  - Autonomous CAT

  - Autonomous Algorithmic Blue and Red Teams