" - just A.I. for me- is how we internally call our intelligence for strategic interaction in the digital world"


In finance, we aim our architecture to seamlessly become the seed* for CAT (Centralized Algorithmic Trading), Bottom-up Simulation (Regulation, Calibration, Collaboration), Robot Advisor (not to be confused with Roboadvisors) and, eventually, an A.I.-driven Bank (natively merged with cybersecurity).

In cybersecurity, we aim it at becoming the seed* for a systematic ethical hacker/frauder. 

By letting people communicate with it, we are further researching on the economic role of humans in the augmentation of the machines. We are convinced that not only it is optimal for society but also for businesses - "Neocortex adds context".

(*)We use the word "seed" in spite of its advanced state ( is already in production for trading), since it is meant to keep progressing endlessly, in a DIY manner, by our clients.