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[Our friends]- Hi there, what would you recommend me to invest in? I have some money that I want to get working (...)

[Us]- No clue, mate. We are A.I.-driven. Ask for specific info or simply wait for its tips to show up (...)

"YOUR WHATSAPP WITH OUR BLACK-BOX" is simply a byproduct of our A.I.-Powered Trading Black-Box. We aim at democratizing the latest tech advances of the investment industry through it. Since it is not intended to be our business please do not be too hard on the team in charge - they do their best with the time and resources we let them allocate to this social endeavour. And do not be too soft either - let them know any improvement you may want us to deploy in case it can be prioritized. 

It is important to note that is not an advisor. It is an assistant. It grabs tones of data related to what you ask it for and uses the Cloud to calculate hundreds of related trading signals. An advisor would weigh these signals and give you an action to be taken - just as we do in our black-box. An assistant gives you the raw distribution of signals, equally weighted, for you to have more information in a timely manner without further opinions. For your convenience and our experimentation we have created ©A.I.ris, a visual pattern that should allow you train your Neocortex so that you can interpret financial patterns better and faster by the day - will your Neocortext-Adds-Context better than computers? 

Engagement-wise, we find fascinating to receive hot patterns in the shape of tips randomly, along the day. So, it is better to stay tuned along the whole day. If you want more, you can buy them through the tipCoins that you will gain in exchange of further data about you and what you want from going forward - we are user-centric.

Education-wise, we love #imagine: you are allowed to generate a track record while you learn how to interpret's information. We bet #imagine trading will be more robust than #real trading - less affected by human behavioral biases- hence take your #imagine performance seriously as we do not know where it will take us. We will unlock this feature gradually, dependent on the user's experience.

Last but not least, if a large enough community is born around it will help us grab enough behavioral data to keep evolving our Systematic_me technology. This way you should be able to interchange Avatars while deciding your trading style and we could have a sandbox where to keep proving that machines enhanced with human Avatars are economically better than machines-only

Enjoy our first attempt to have A.I. social impact through our research. We are working on many more to come no matter the channel - whether within (e.g.: granting free tips on Green companies) or externally, through digitization. Hope it all works as we aim at building up examples of professionals recycle in order to minimize the loss of jobs due to A.I. impact!