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We are a focused team of experts in Financial Computing - a mix of bots and humans ;) -devoted to a handful of targets spreaded across Verticals. Our co-founders, Marta Díez-Fernández and Sergio Álvarez-Teleña are seasoned professionals of digital transformation with internationally recognized impact. 

"If we searched for a company that unifies skills along Advanced Finance, Science and Technology we wouldn't find many, but they would all be good. If we required those skills to be internationally recognized as tier one, we may find a handful but surely, they would all be special. If we further required those skills to blossom at their intersection, we would find SciTheWorld."

Along advanced finance, our co-founders have largely multiplied profits in different positions of trading, finally holding senior positions such as Global Head of Algorithmic Trading and Global Head of Data Science. Scientifically, their research is in use in the optimal hedging of several trading floors; and their human-bot convergence (©Augmented Machines/Systematic_me/ Avatar Calibration) has been recognized by the UK EPSRC due to its "Impact in the Digital Economy". Sergio is also Honorary Senior Research Associate at UCL and has been included by the UK's Digital Economy Network in the top 4 analytic researchers at UCL across all CDTs. Technologically, they designed the platform that won the prize to the "Best Trading Platform" of the industry at the Banking Technology Awards, 2016. 

All in all, SciTheWorld has wrapped up a world class judgement on algorithmic interaction. Whether this interaction is bot-human or, more interestingly, bot-bot. As a result, the company was launched in 2015 primarily to manage its founders' investments through A.I. and, at the same time, to boost the algorithmic race on cybersecurity at a blue chip. We have consecutively expanded across banks and hedge funds while keeping the team tight - leveraging bots and partnerships. This is, with no external funding - allowing us to compete in a very unique way: purely impact driven.

Since 2018, we have boosted our top-down digital transformation by partnering up with a tier one strategic consultancy: Oliver Wyman. We both want to explore this singular merge of skills so much that our own office lies within their head quarters.