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We started off as a Centre of Excellence (CoE)

Targeting tech assets that allowed us reaching the high-hanging-fruits in Transformation:
1. Flexible platform that allowed us creating ML-driven Apps in record time, and protect & combine IPs from different players - we are better than you or me
2. Smart architecture that allowed us testing a lot with limited budget - movers From-Zero-To-Hero tend not to have large pockets to start with
3. Augmented machines, that allowed us keeping as many professional experts as possible in a world driven by machines - new tasks and roles that optimize the machines and the companies


We soon became also consultants

With "CoE-judgement" and a very especial tool.

In the limit, it allowed to prototype risky/expensive business transformational strategies. E.g. the usage of a Central Risk Book in a Trading Floor. We wanted our clients to think ambitiously but test low cost before moving onto production.

Projects spanned across all stages in Transformation: from "as-is" and "to-be" assessments, to the validation of data (online and batch) and the design, validation and cyber protection of state-of-the-art algorithms.

Delivered through independent, siloed projects.


We further became tech partners

For certain clients (tier one companies yet to be algorithmized and startups), we started to orchestrate the former projects in an overarching manner.

To our services, we added the definition of new tasks and roles, ad-hoc to the Transformation process within the client, and the provision of a platform that governs the interaction of each team with its own algorithms, and each team with the rest of the teams and their algorithms.

Hereon, we will be leveraging our main three assets:
1. HybridTech, towards impactul Transformation
2. Organic Architecture, towards resilient technology (operational risk, efficiency and cybersecurity)
3. Augmented Machines, towards the state-of-the-art in A.I.

And, we will be working on the 4th one, along a 2 year innovation project:
4. Digital Agents, towards marketing and business counter-intel innovation (very much linked to our prized Avatar Calibration)